By Ceri Chamberlain

End of School Holidays

The leaves are starting to turn, the blackberries are out, there’s Hallowe’en themed stuff in the shops…this can only mean one thing: the school holidays are nearly over. The time has come to buy new shoes, to check how little uniform still fits the kids (what is it with all the GROWING?), to get fresh […]

By Ceri Chamberlain

Summer Survival

School’s out for summer! Hooray! (Also, cue wave of panic as we look down the barrel of a six-week gun.) It’s the loooooooong school holidays, and the best thing about it is the long stretch of no-mad-dash-early-morning-school-run, which – in the NHHQ household – largely involves Mother standing in the doorway screaming, “Where is your […]

By Ceri Chamberlain

Time to Travel

Summer holidays are coming! It’s time to dust off the suitcases, dig out the passports, book an emergency appointment at the waxing salon (TMI?) and get ready for The Big Summer Trip (henceforth referred to as the TBST). No work, no worries, and – fingers crossed – no sunburn. Taking the Dog? Increasingly, us dog-owners […]

By Ceri Chamberlain

The humble sweet potato

Did you know that Christopher Columbus brought sweet potatoes back to Europe from his America trip in the 15th Century? From there they spread across the globe – through Asia, Africa and Latin America. There’s almost nowhere on the planet that doesn’t appreciate a sweet potato. It is very quick to grow – it can […]

By Ceri Chamberlain

Life’s a Beach

Now that summer seems to have returned to our sceptre isle (fingers crossed), our thoughts turn to fun days out at the beach. There’s nothing like sea air to blow away the cobwebs, energise the soul, and leave a healthy, rosy glow on the cheeks. Many dogs love a day at the beach too, and […]

By Ceri Chamberlain

Bring Your Dog to Work Day 2019

After all those bizarre “official” days in the year that we have to entertain (prime examples: “Learn your name in Morse Code Day” – January 11th, and “National Windmill Day” – second Saturday in May**) FINALLY, there’s an event we can all really get behind! This year, Bring Your Dog to Work Day falls on […]

By Ceri Chamberlain

Father’s Day

Sunday 16th June is Father’s Day. Buying presents for Mother’s Day is easy: a pretty card with a cheesy poem, a bunch of her favourite flowers, a pampering treat. Father’s Day is not so easy! What to get Dad leaves us scratching our heads and frantically googling gift ideas. Another super-dense historical novel (that you […]

June is National Camping Month - Camping With Your Dog
By Ceri Chamberlain

Carry on Camping with your canine – June 2019

June is National Camping Month (henceforth, for the sake of type-speed, known as NCM.) This is by no means a new-fangled thing – NCM has been around since the 1970s. Here at NHHQ we celebrate NCM with a mixture of excitement and trepidation: we love a bit of camping – but we love coming home to a hot shower and clean sheets and a proper toilet after camping too. There is one thing for sure though, the kids adore everything about it, and there’s another member of the family for whom it is certainly the best week of the year: the dog.

poorly mary
By Chieko Clark

This is Mary, Part Three

It’s been an extremely eventful month for Mary, and so it would seem, for us, her people. It all started out quite normally, we have decided to venture into trying some new meat for Mary and we’re very pleased with it, especially Mary. It doesn’t smell like dog food at all, it smells like human […]