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Meet our Cute Companions !

– ARLO –

Our Fox Red Labrador is 3 years old.

The newest edition to our pack.

He is a bundle of energy, a clumsy “bull in a china shop”, but he is a complete softie and full of affection.


Our Jack Russell is 8.

She likes to think that she’s the leader of the pack.  Full of bravado.

But when it comes down to it she’s really a bit of a scaredy-cat especially when her big brother Arlo isn’t there to back her up!

– FERN –

Our black Labrador is 14 years old.

Although she is slowing down a bit, Fern always wants to come out for a walk and loves to be involved in whatever is going on, especially where there’s food involved!

Have you considered Nature's Harvest pet food ?

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As long term dog owners, we understand the dilemma of finding top quality pet food at a reasonable price.  Many foods contain hidden “nasties” like chemicals or substandard meat content.  That’s why we were pleased to find Nature’s Harvest.

Dog food made to suit our dogs’ natural diet with all the ingredients being “human-grade” standard.  (This means it is suitable and approved as nourishment for humans!)

It’s reassuring to know that natural supplements have been added to help your dog’s well-being (including healthy stomach, bones, joints and coats)  and there’s no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

We’ve seen first-hand the benefits to our dogs.

Fern has always had a delicate stomach and she had emergency surgery at a very young age.  Since this time we have been very careful about what we feed her.   Fern is healthy and happy eating Nature’s Harvest.  Arlo and Bramley are big fans of it too !!

Nature’s Harvest appreciate that some furry pals have sensitive tummies.  Their products are made with gently steamed, easy-to-digest, ingredients and no added eggs, soya or dairy.  This has recently been expanded into a Free-From Range including treats  alongside Grain Free food and a Wheat Gluten Free Mixer with Prebiotics to help levels of good bacteria in your dog’s digestive system.

If it's good enough for the Queen ..........

CuteComp UK Bramley

If all of this isn’t enough to tempt you …
Nature’s Harvest (as a brand of Judge’s Choice Pet Food Ltd) have been granted the Royal Warrant for supplying pet food to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Why not visit the Nature’s Harvest Shop and have a look around

This Month's Exciting Events By Arlo, Bramley & Fern!

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We have just been told that there will be a new addition to our pack!
A close relative of ours will be collecting their new puppy in a few weeks!

Arlo’s very excited about the arrival of his new play pal!
Bramley says “the Jury’s still out” on whether this will be a good thing or a complete nightmare!
Fern has decided she will just sleep through the arrival of yet another pup!


It’s been brilliant! Recently our humans seem to be around a lot more.
Not sure why ?

As a result, we’ve had more cuddles and more walks!

Here’s a picture of us out and about enjoying the sunshine

Have you heard about Nature's Harvest's brilliant Subscription Service ?

I think we’ve all experienced that mad panic when we realise we’ve run out of  dog food !!!!!

Well, Nature’s Harvest have the ideal solution!  Nature’s Harvest Subscriptions click here

By using their Subscription Service, you can place one order and have your dog food automatically delivered every month like clockwork, without any further effort on your part!

As well as the benefit of worry-free doggy dinner-time!  By purchasing via the Subscription Service you also receive 5% discount off the price of the dog food under the Subscription AND free delivery!

We all think that’s a WIN – WIN Scenario !

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