Lamb & Brown Rice Adult Dog Food – 10 Pack

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Nature’s Harvest gently steamed complete food for adult dogs made with lamb & brown rice is formulated to match a dog’s natural diet, using only the finest ingredients. We use real lamb with whole brown rice and vegetables and our food does not contain any of the fish/vegetable derivatives or fillers that are often found in other pet foods.

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Age: 1-7 years

Our recipe for lamb flavour dog food – with added brown rice – is a healthy and delicious way to bring variety into your dog’s meal planner. Life would be too dull if you ate the same thing every day, went on the same walks, chased the same squirrel up the same tree. Routines are important – any dog will tell you that – but change is essential, too. It keeps everyone on their paws. Lamb is a fantastic meat choice for dogs. Not only is it packed with essential amino acids and dietary fats, it’s also a rich provider of all those B vitamins – 2, 3, 6 and 12 – so important for the maintenance of an adult dog’s nervous system.

As with all our recipes, we also select a range of naturally-sourced supplements to add to the dish, including glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints and limbs, fish oil for healthy skin and coat, and yeast extract, to help boost the immune system. The whole meal is then slowly steamed to lock-in all the goodness and flavour.


To add a little chew time to the meal, why not top things off with a handful of our delicious Wheat Gluten Free Mixer?


Rosemary is one of the ingredients in our recipe. Now, whilst we’re sure this won’t be the most astonishing thing you ever heard – who doesn’t know that rosemary goes well with lamb? – what’s not so commonly known is that rosemary has excellent antioxidant properties, helping in the fight against heart disease and cancer, as well as promoting good digestive health. So not only does our Adult Lamb & Brown Rice taste delicious, it does your dog a power of good, too!


Made in the UK

Ingredients & Nutrition


Made in the UK


Feeding Instructions

Feeding Instructions: Begin with the recommendations provided and adjust to maintain body weight. Your dogs needs may differ from this guide due to age, breed & activity level. Always feed to maintain a lean active condition. Provide your dog with a clean container of fresh water daily. If this is the first time your dog has eaten Nature’s Harvest, replace the food slowly over a couple of days. Feed as a complete meal or with Nature’s Harvest Wheat Gluten Free Mixer to add crunch and to top up your dog's good bacteria and promote a healthy digestive system; especially beneficial for dogs with sensitive tummies. Always consult your vet with any health questions.

Storage Instructions: Store unopened food in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Once opened, cover and store in the fridge for up to 48 hours. Nature's Harvest wet food can be microwaved for 30-60 seconds before serving and should then be consumed within 20 minutes. Ensure that the food is not too hot.

Nature's Harvest wet food may be portioned for use as required and frozen if desired. Food to be frozen should be transferred to a separate container or well wrapped in either foil or plastic. Care must be taken to ensure the product is fully defrosted to ambient temperature. If using a microwave to defrost the food, ensure no “Hot Spots” are present in the food prior to feeding.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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